School Opening

You can visit the NYCDOE website to find out the latest info.

Spring Parent Teacher Conferences

Remote conferences will be held on Thur 3/18 from 5-8pm and Friday 3/19 from 12-2:40pm

All teachers and coaches will be available. You will be able to access zoom links here.

Student Enrollment

We are currently enrolling students for 2020/21. Apply now and start on your path to success!

Email or call/ text 917-979-3303 for more info.

Schedule for Blended Learning

Starting Mon., March 22, all students who signed up for Blended Learning will be coming to school 5 Days a week. Classes begin at 9:20.

Right now, there is no option for Remote students to change to blended. Check NYCDOE website for updates.

Not sure when you should come in? Call your coach or text 917-979-3303.