Yesterday was a important day for Brooklyn Frontiers. The basketball team played in their first scrimmage. But it felt like a real game, with real refs, score boards, and a real organized setting.

We played against the league champions from last year, the South/West Brooklyn Panthers. The score was 31-23. For a lot of the young men on the team, this was their first time playing in an organized setting against competition that surpassed what we have here in school (lunch time basketball). But the boys hung in there and played hard. But I wanted to point out a few things that I noticed in our before, during, and after the game.

Before: The unison that these young men walked with, the comraderie that they showed. Was quite inspiring. I know normally when we are in the school building we see students yelling, being upset, or not getting along. But in this moment, it felt different. There was a togetherness, and sense of community amongst them.

During: Let the record show that Diamond Joseph scored the first point in Brooklyn Frontiers PSAL history on one made free throw.
Another sight to behold is the guys cheering each other on, wanting success for each other in anyway possible, whether they were in the game or not. There was no arguing (although a few pouty faces).

After: Although there were a lot of positives to pull from the game, nobody likes to lose. But, on our way to our respective homes, there was not a lot of head hanging, arguing, or fighting. But instead a happiness. Guys were laughing, being proud of being a team really owning each other as team mates. Brothers in Arms.

So that summarizes Brooklyn Frontiers Basketball first expedition into the world of sports. We hope that we can continue to build off of this experience and translate it to success IN THE CLASSROOM and on the court.

We would like to thank everyone for the continued support in making this happen, and we will continue to try to build on the positives that this team can bring.